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   Q: Do you have a retail location?
         A: Yes we do have a retail location, 120 N. Benson Av. Ontario Ca. 91762. Also most of our items can be viewed online on our rentals page. We do deliver for your convenience and to ensure safe and proper placement of your items.
Q: Is there a delivery fee?
         A: Unfortunately due to increasing gas prices, most areas do require a delivery fee ranging from $20 to $150 based on your geographic location. The charge for delivery based on your zip code.\
Q: How far do we travel out? 

    A: We will go out side our geographic area, unfortunately our delivery fees will increase
Q: How far in advance do I need to place my order?
         A: We recommend that you place the order as soon as possible to ensure the item(s) you want will be available. However we will work with you the best we can to accommodate any last minute party wishes.
Q: What happens if there is inclement weather on the day(s) of my event?
         1. Here at All Seasons Party Rental's, we understand that Mother Nature is hard to predict. We will work with you to schedule a rain date with the same product if it is available, or we will provide a comparable item to fulfill your rental needs.  5. How much of a deposit is required?
         1. The deposit amount varies from the amount of products and prices but usually a $40.00 & up non-refundable deposit is required for orders.
Q:When is final payment due?
         A: Final payment is due upon delivery of product(s). You may use cash for this payment unless otherwise noted by representative.
Q: If I cancel my order, do I get my deposit back?
         A: Unfortunately, because the deposit is your security to have the item on your requested date, the deposit cannot be refunded if the order is cancelled. However we will in most cases hold the deposit as a credit on your account for a future rental unless the order is canceled within a week of the order date.

Q: Does someone need to be at the location for delivery?
         A: Yes, a responsible party needs to be at the premises to receive, sign for, and pay any unpaid balance of delivery items. This is also to ensure proper placement of items as they may not be moved after set-up due to safety reasons.
Q: My equipment need to go up stairs will you do that?
         A: Sorry our crew do not go up & down stairs. Equipment will be set at the bottom of the stairs & pickup also.
Q: Can I move the item after it has been set up?
         A: Certain small items such as tables, chairs, and concession carts can be moved without penalty. However due to the delicate nature of other items and the importance of placement safety, large items such as tents and games cannot be moved. If these items are moved from their location, a $100 fee will be charged plus any additional charges for repair if the item(s) is damaged.
 Q: Do you offer late pickup & Deliver?
A: Yes we do, after Hours Pickup/Delivery.

For any pickup/delivery scheduled after 5PM weekday after hours fees apply.
For any pickup/delivery scheduled after 3PM weekend after hours fees apply.

For pickups/deliveries between 5PM - 8PM Monday - Friday the after hours fee for pickup/delivery is $75

For pickups/deliveries between 3PM - 8PM Saturday, Sunday pickup beween 1PM - 8PM the after hours fee for pickup/delivery is $75

For pickups/deliveries after 8PM - 11PM an after hours fee of $150 will be charged.
For pickups/deliveries after 11PM an after hours fee of $300 will be charged.

Q: Do you have water slides?
         A: Because our company is very safety conscience, we do not have any water slides or jumpers.
Q: I did not use all my items, will I get a refund?
Rental items are charged for time out, not for use. Every item that leaves our building is treated the same way upon return, used or not. This ensures that every item you receive is clean and food service items are sanitized and fo
Q: Can Customer Pick Up and return their own rental? 

A: Yes customer can pick up and drop off, however to do so you will need

1- A valid picture ID

2- Deposit

Customers who choose to do their own pickup are responsible for loading and unloading there own vehicle, and for any damage that may occur during transporting of your rental items e.g. glassware or dinnerware.


Common Set Up and Installation Costs

Price does not include cleanup fees.








We do not offer catering cleanup services, such as scraping plates or emptying liquids from glasses. We only breakdown and remove equipment or linens, such as an altar backdrop or stage setup, linens, chair covers, etc. Your caterer or clean up volunteers must scrape the plates and empty all liquids from the glasses and put them back into the containers before we arrive to pickup your items.


If there are further questions regarding pick up and delivery please call our office at (909) 460-1345