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 Dance Floor, Stages & AstroTurf  

Equipment For Rent
Equipment Rental's
Linens & Chair Covers
Umbrella Tables & Umbrellas
Wedding Equipment
Canopy & Tent
Dance Floor, Stages & AstroTurf
   Carnival Canopy
Glassware, Flatware, Plates
Pipe & Drape
Helium Tanks
Portable Toilet & Hand Wash
Concession Equipment
Lighting & Heating
Prop Rentals
Construction Equipment Rentals
Disco Ball
Light up the party
  Our price $15.00 

Stage & Drapes

  Our price $00 

Stage & Drapes

  Our price $00 

Large Chrome Floor Easel
Large Chrome Easel
  Our price $15.00 

Small Black Scroll Floor Easel
Small Black Easel
  Our price $12.00 

Lectern Podium
  Our price $40.00 

Gold Stanchion & Red Rope

  Our price $32.00 

Large Wood Paris Sign
Wood Sign 
  Our price $40.00 


  Our price $35.00 

4x4 Portable Stage

4x4 Stage 

  Our price $40.00 

Green AstroTurf
Green Astroturf
  Our price $.35 

Black AstroTurf
Black Astroturf
  Our price $.35 

Light Oak Wood Dance Floors
Dance Floor As Low As $120.00
  Our price $120.00 

Cherry Oak Wood Dance Floors
Dance Floor As Low As $120.00
  Our price $120.00 

White High Gloss Dance Floor
Dance Floor As Low As $195.00
  Our price $195.00 

Walnut Dance Floors
Dance Floor As Low As $115.00
  Our price $115.00 

Black Dance Floors
Dance Floor As Low As $140.00
  Our price $140.00 

Black & White Dance Floors
Dance Floor As Low As $150.00
  Our price $150.00 

Chrome Stanchion & Red Rope

  Our price $22.00 

Chrome Stanchion & Black Rope
Chrome Stanchion


  Our price $22.00 

Chrome Stanchion & Royal Blue Rope

  Our price $22.00 

Chrome Stanchion & Navy Blue Rope

  Our price $22.00 

Gold Stanchion w/ Blue Retractable Belt

  Our price $24.00 

Chrome Stanchion w/ Black Belt

  Our price $22.00 

Podium W/ Build In Speakers
Lectern Podium  with Build in Speakers
  Our price $50.00 

Handheld Powerhorn with Detachable Microphone

10-Watt Handheld Powerhorn with Detachable Microphone

  Our price $20.00 

Edison Professional M4000 Bluetooth Speaker

4000-Watt Peak Power Bluetooth Speaker

  Our price $100.00 

12" Mirror Disco Ball
Rotate 12" Disco Ball
  Our price $25.00 

Eliminator Light

Eliminator Flash Light

  Our price $5.00 

LED Color Splash Light

LED Color Light

  Our price $30.00 

American DJ LED Light

LED Color Par Can Light

  Our price $30.00 


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