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Equipment For Rent
Equipment Rental's
Linens & Chair Covers
Umbrella Tables & Umbrellas
Wedding Equipment
Canopy & Tent
Dance Floor, Stages & AstroTurf
Glassware, Flatware, Plates
Pipe & Drape
Helium Tanks
Portable Toilet & Hand Wash
Concession Equipment
Lighting & Heating
Prop Rentals
Construction Equipment Rentals
Hot Dog Roller
Hot dog roller
Large & Small 

  Our price $25.00 

Large Generator

  Our price $75.00 

Bubble Machine

  Our price $24.00 

Heavy Duty Garment Rack
Heavy Duty Garment Rack on Wheels
  Our price $25.00 

Red Carpet Runner
Ask us about Larger Size Red Carpet Rental 

  Our price $40.00 

White Plastic Cocktail Round Table

  Our price $8.25 

Disco Ball
Light up the party
  Our price $15.00 

Large 5 Tiers Chocolate Fountain

Commercial Chocolate Fountain

(Great for Wedding, Party, Catering)

  Our price $85.00 

Disco Ball
Light up the party
  Our price $25.00 

Canyon Ridge Gas Fire Pit
Up to 15-hour burn time on a LP tank
  Our price $89.00 

Boxwood Hedge Wall
4' W x 8' T-one sided

  Our price $125.00 

Gold Stanchion & Red Rope

  Our price $32.00 

Eiffel Tower
Over 5 7"Ft tall Eiffel Tower

  Our price $100.00 

Confetti Machine
Large commercial confetti machine

  Our price $240.00 

Large Coffee Pot

Commercial Coffee Maker

  Our price $19.99 

4ft. Bar
4ft.Black Bar
  Our price $50.00 

Gold & Black Chevron 4ft Bar
4ft. lavender

  Our price $60.00 

(New) Lavender 4ft Bar
4ft. lavender

  Our price $55.00 

(New) Royal Blue 4ft. Bar
4ft. Royal Blue Bar

  Our price $55.00 

(New) Purple 4ft. Bar
4ft. Purple Bar

  Our price $55.00 

(New) Hot Pink 4ft. Bar
4ft. Hot Pink Bar

  Our price $55.00 

4ft. Bar
4ft. Red Bar

  Our price $50.00 

4ft. Bar
4ft. Turquoise Bar

  Our price $50.00 

4ft. Bar
4ft. Gray Bar

  Our price $50.00 

4ft. Bar
4ft. Navy Blue Bar

  Our price $50.00 

Serpentine Table

7' Serpentine Table


  Our price $11.00 

Cotton Candy Machine
Sale $75.00

  Our price $75.00 

Old Fashioned Cotton Candy Machine
Sale $75.00
  Our price $75.00 

Cotton Candy Machine Cover
Sale $12.00
  Our price $12.00 

Cotton Candy Plastic Bags


Cotton Candy Sugar 3lb

  Our price $8.75 

Cotton Candy Cones


Cotton Candy Sign
Promotion Sign
  Our price $15.00 

Economy Chafing Dish
Chafing Dish 8 qt. Standard Buffet

  Our price $14.95 

Stainless Steel Chafing Dish
Stainless Chafing Dish 8 qt.

  Our price: $16.95  Discounted price $12.95

Chrome Handles Chafing Dish
Large Chrome Chafing Dish 8 qt.

  Our price $18.95 

Power Breezer Portable Misting Cooler

Large Commercial Misting Cooler


  Our price $295.00 

Pedestal Fan W/ Mist
Large Pedestal Fan W/ Mist

  Our price $50.00 

Large Charcoal Grill

Large 5 Ft Charcoal Grill


 Our price $75.00

  Our price $75.00 

Large Charcoal Rotisserie Grill
Electric 5 ft Charcoal Grill
  Our price $120.00 

Large Commercial BBQ Grill
Large Propane Grill  52" X 24"
Sale $125.00

  Our price $125.00 

Pyramid Outdoor Patio Heater

Pyramid Heater


  Our price $89.00 

Propane Tanks (Full)

  Our price $28.00 

Patio Heater

Patio Heater


  Our price $69.00 

Canopy Heater
This Heater Will Heat Up Your Outside Party
  Our price $89.00 

LB White Premier Propane Gas Heater
This Heater Will Heat Up Your Canopy Or Outside Party
  Our price $149.00 

Air Heaters
This Heater Will Heat Up The Party
  Our price $30.00 

Old Fashioned Popcorn Machine
Our price $75.00

  Our price $75.00 

Popcorn Lighted Neon Sign
Promotion Sign
  Our price $15.00 

Chrome Stanchion & Red Rope

  Our price $22.00 

Chrome Stanchion & Black Rope
Chrome Stanchion


  Our price $22.00 

Chrome Stanchion & Royal Blue Rope

  Our price $22.00 

Chrome Stanchion & Navy Blue Rope

  Our price $22.00 

Gold Stanchion w/ Blue Retractable Belt

  Our price $24.00 

Chrome Stanchion w/ Black Belt

  Our price $22.00 

Handheld Powerhorn with Detachable Microphone

10-Watt Handheld Powerhorn with Detachable Microphone

  Our price $20.00 

Edison Professional M4000 Bluetooth Speaker

4000-Watt Peak Power Bluetooth Speaker

  Our price $100.00 

Large Poker Table

Large Pocker Table W/ Chairs 


  Our price $85.00 


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